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Pain Management 

Chronic and acute pain affects us in many ways. There are two main elements to our experience of most types of pain: Our direct physical sensation (and location) of the pain, and the amount of suffering, how much the pain bothers us. Hypnotherapy helps us positively deal with both these elements of our experience with pain. 

How does Hypnotherapy help me reduce my pain?

Hypnotherapy uses guided deeply relaxing hypnotic exercises to shift the way the brain processes pain signals in the body.  The brain has the ability to turn on and turn off many pathways and 'gates' that deal with neurological signals and communication in the body.  

What happens during my Initial Pain Management Hypnotherapy Appointment?

Geoff will take the time to speak with you about the causes, conditions and experiences that led to the onset of your pain. This is a very important part of your initial appointment, as Geoff will listen carefully to your experience in order to formulate a plan that is tailored to your needs individually. Geoff will explain the Hypnotherapy process to you and answer any questions you may have. Geoff will teach and guide you through your Hypnotherapy exercise to begin taking control of your pain. You will be provided with a free relaxing self-hypnosis audio track to practice with at home and help get relief and control quickly.

How many sessions will I need to attend?

The average pain management patient benefits from 4-5 contact sessions over time. Relief can begin quite rapidly, but each individual responds differently to Hypnotherapy and so your treatment protocols will be tailored to your needs appropriately.  It is recommended that you commit to a minimum of 3-4 appointments in order to learn the Hypnotherapy Pain Management protocols and implement them successfully.

Will Hypnotherapy make the pain disappear altogether or just reduce it?

Hypnotherapy can help reduce, alter and change pain signals, and may even result in the full cessation of certain pain signals. 

What types of pain can Hypnotherapy assist with?

Chronic and acute injuries, sports injuries, post-operative, digestive and IBS related pain and most types of chronic and acute pain signals may benefit from Hypnotherapy. 

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